About Us & Variable Speed Drives

Born from a partnership of 20 years engineering and finance experience, we  saw a need for a holistic approach to energy management. Our primary focus is optimising existing equipment and maximising return on investment from any changes implemented.  

We use the latest technology  in Variable Speed Drives  combined with the best thinking on how to apply it. Right Energy Solutions think laterally about the use of technology like Variable Speed Drives. Not just a device to control the speed of electric motors. Implemented correctly, with the right peripheral equipment a Variable Speed Drive can improve performance of commercial refrigeration, drastically reduce the costs of irrigation  and efficiently move air and water on any scale. 

Variable speed drives allow loads driven by AC Induction motors (such as fans and pumps) to operate in a wide range of speeds compared to the motor fixed speed. Variable speed drives are also variable-frequency drives, adjustable-speed drives, variable-frequency inverters, or frequency converters.

Variable Speed Drives applied correctly can increase energy efficiency (in some cases savings can exceed 80% ), improve power factor and process precision, and provide other performance benefits such as soft starting and over-speed capability. They also can eliminate the need for expensive and energy-wasting throttling mechanisms such as control valves and outlet dampers.


  • Variable Speed Drives can be used on over 95% of existing AC Motors including All types of Irrigation and Water Transfer, Water Features, Air Conditioning Cooling Towers, Elevators and Air Extraction fans.
  • Huge Power Savings – Save up to 80% of the running cost for pumps and motors.
  • Quieter running of motor – reduces noise pollution.
  • Improved Filtering & Water Quality in the Aquatic Industry.
  • Reduces Stress, Wear & Tear on Pumps and Motors increasing working life and reducing maintenance costs. Soft Start Process.
  • Return on investment well under 2 Years in most cases.