Moore than Swimming Wangaratta Victoria – Variable Speed Drive Installation


Moore than Swimming are saving over 50% with a Variable Speed Drive fitted to each of their filtration pumps that runs 24 hours a day.

Pools and Commercial Aquatic facilities depend on motors to perform a variety of applications, critical to their day to day operations. From Public Leisure facilities, to Schools, to Council Pools, a large number of motors provide the backbone to their facilities, and can typically contribute between 50 – 80% of their total energy costs.


Pool Filtration motors are designed to operate at only one speed, which is 100% output, regardless of fluctuations in demand. However, the flow requirements for every commercial pool are highly variable, and often, aquatic pumps and motors are ‘oversized’ to perform their given application. Variable Speed/Frequency application can save considerable energy. In each application, Right Energy Solutions provides custom Variable speed drive solutions specifically attuned to each motor, maximizing energy saving potential.

Incorporating a Variable Speed Drive system matches the motor’s specific load and frequency to the flow rate required for adequate filtration. Our specialised solution not only allows the pump to operate at its maximum efficiency, but in turn, reduces the costly power wastage associated with running at a constant maximal speed. This enables clients to take advantage of reduced demand periods (including non-operational hours), allowing variable flows to be implemented for significant energy savings. This combination often translates in energy savings of between 30 – 65%.

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