Eildon Trout Farm Thornton Victoria

Untitled-1Eildon Trout Farm is a commercial Salmon & Trout farm located in South Eastern Victoria. The farm relies on 1 x 55kW motor to supply water to the property from Lake Eildon. By installing a LS is7 Variable Speed Drive tuned to match demand the client was able to reduce this motor’s substantial running cost from $6,000 per month, to approximately $2,000, cutting total energy consumption by more than 65% (@ 35.0 Hertz), and providing financial savings of an estimated $48,000 per annum (at current rates). Additionally, reducing the constant maximum load on the motor will greatly reduce harmful wear & tear, potentially decreasing maintenance and replacement costs, and ultimately prolong the motor’s efficiency and longevity. Overall, this is an outstanding result for the client, and will help the farm to remain sustainable and competitive as power prices in Australia continue to rise inevitably in the coming years.