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Executive Team

Tim Ledger

Tim Ledger

Tim Ledger  | Founder & Managing Director

Founder of Right Energy Solutions in 2012 after 20 years in Asset Management. Always interested in renewable energy, research into what drives energy consumption found that the the humble AC Induction motor accounted for the overwhelming majority of the worlds electricity generated.  After partnering with the right people and a number of industrial trials we realised that the correct implementation of a Variable Speed Drive integrated with the latest technology in control can increase the efficiency of a business and reduce costs by managing energy actively.

Anyone can install a Variable Speed Drive and save money but to maximise it’s potential the drive needs to be tuned to each individual purpose. For that we have partnered with the industry leaders in AC induction motor technology. We know through testing that that we can deliver outstanding results with return on investment usually very close to 1 year

Yaskawa iQ Pump 1000

Yaskawa is the world’s largest manufacturer of AC Variable Frequency Drives and motion control products, including adjustable frequency drives, servo amplifiers, servomotors and machine controllers.



Vacon Variable Frequency Drives

Vacon is driven by a passion for developing and manufacturing AC drives and power inverters for energy solutions. By optimising the performance of electric motors, Vacon drives enhance process control, enable efficient energy production and reduce greenhouse emissions. In one year, Vacon drives saved one day’s worth of worldwide electricity production.