Agriculture & Aquaculture

We optimize irrigation pumps, bore pumps and pressure pumps. A Variable Speed Drive programmed and commissioned correctly can improve production and save the costs of moving water by up to 70%


Match the load of an extraction fan or refrigeration compressor exactly to the environment or required load rather than running 100% all of the time.

Commercial Real Estate

The drive for Energy efficiency in commercial and industrial real estate is driving building managers and owners to look for more efficient way to operate their facilities. Over engineered air and water handling machinery are perfect candidates for a well commissioned Variable Frequency Drives.


Pools and Commercial Aquatic facilities depend on motors to perform a variety of applications, critical to their day to day operations. From Public Leisure facilities, to Schools, to Council Pools, a large number of motors provide the backbone to their facilities, and can typically contribute between  50 – 80%  of their total energy costs.

Typical Results from Real Customers





Our solutions are based on combining:

  • Specific VFD selection suited to motor and application
  • Motor specific energy consumption monitoring and analysis
  • Customised proprietary programming commissioned on site for optimum energy savings
  • Site specific switchgear
  • Industry compliant EMC Filtering
  • Industry compliant & IP specific cabinet and enclosure requirement
  • Dedicated customer service and maintenance support


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